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Image for the article named Front Office Empowerment Training

Front Office Empowerment Training


Front Office Empowerment Training is a specially designed program to elevate the skills and capabilities of front desk staff in the hospitality industry. This training aims to empower front-office employees with the knowledge, confidence, and customer-centric mindset required to deliver exceptional service and create memorable guest experiences.

Throughout the training, participants will develop various skills essential to their roles in the front office. They will learn effective communication techniques to understand and address guest needs and concerns, including active listening and empathetic response. The training also focuses on problem-solving skills, enabling participants to analyze situations, identify solutions, and make suitable decisions to resolve guest issues promptly and effectively.

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Image for the article named Hospitality employer branding

Hospitality employer branding

Employer branding is no longer a trend, but a need for all organizations that want to stand out on the labor market, strengthen their teams and improve their motivation and productivity, reduce employee turnover, and attract new talents. At the training, we will first get to know your organization and recognize the "weak points" that we can work on, and then we will define all the necessary steps and create a strategy according to the needs and budget of your organization.

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Image for the article named How to be a good manager in the F&B sector

How to be a good manager in the F&B sector

The training is intended and specially adapted for supervisor or managerial positions in the food & beverage sector. By educating these personnel, we want to achieve their correct view of hospitality, acquiring skills and knowledge that are applicable in daily operational activities, with the aim of proper thinking in the management of the food and beverage sector.

During the training, we are focusing on acquiring knowledge and skills for managerial responsibilities in the food and beverage sector, related to the organization and management of personnel, creation, implementation, monitoring and control of standards and procedures, setting short-term and long-term goals and cost optimization.

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Image for the article named How to be an outstanding caterer in the food and beverage sector

How to be an outstanding caterer in the food and beverage sector

To be qualified to provide F&B service, participants will, after the training, build a strong base of necessary awareness and knowledge about the products they sell, strong communication skills and the basics of guest psychology.

This course focuses on formal principles of service, basics of wine knowledge, introduction to spirits, knowledge and service standards of coffee, tea and beer, characteristics of kitchens in today's restaurant industry and service protocols, communication skills, upselling, and cross-selling methodology

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Image for the article named Superior hospitality service and how to achieve it

Superior hospitality service and how to achieve it

Providing service, or serving guests is what we consider the job of every person that is working in the hospitality industry. To take something that has been taken for granted in the mentioned industry for years now, to the highest level, we need to analyze every step of what we call ‘’service’. Does the service start and end when we decide or when the guest decides? How do guests' expectations arise and how are they important for creating superior service? Is top-notch service possible only in prestigious restaurants and hotels or can a local coffee shop also achieve this?

Through this training, in addition to the answers to these questions, the participants will also get the knowledge needed to develop the skill of creating an ordinary service into a superior service.


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Image for the article named  Interacting with guests or clients

Interacting with guests or clients

If you are going to be competitive in the hotel industry, eliminate inconvenience from your guests’ stay by anticipating their needs, responding in streamlined fashion and being of assistance at every step without being actually seen. Our trainers count many years of successes and fails in customer interaction so that you can explore a variety of trial-and-error case studies. 

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Image for the article named Grooming


Greeting guests with a warm welcome, in a timely manner and dressed for the occasion is half the road to an excellent customer experience! The participants will be able to learn about the personal care, which will help them, develop a personality and confidently express themselves in front of guests. We will go through the right make up technique, personal hygiene, selecting clothes and accessories that are complementary as well as professional.

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Image for the article named Menu knowledge

Menu knowledge

Menu knowledge means educating your customers about those unique traits that set your business apart. Being food savvy and keeping up with dining trends makes all the difference for customers. Spice that up with knowledge about allergies, food sensitivities, ingredient origins, price points, food and wine pairing, and your restaurant will definitely achieve high levels of satisfaction!  

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Image for the article named Grooming for kitchen

Grooming for kitchen

Grooming is discipline in style and elegance in good service. Our trainers developed a special guide of conduct inspired by the Swiss philosophy that brings the health and safety standards of the F&B and kitchen departments to new qualitative heights. 

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Image for the article named Menu knowledge for the kitchen

Menu knowledge for the kitchen

To know the menu is more than to remember the specials of the day. You become a temporary consultant for your guest, a gastronomy expert with interesant stories to tell. Learn how food and storytelling make the perfect recipe for success from our experienced hospitality trainers. 

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Image for the article named Drafting of specific documents

Drafting of specific documents

Become a draftsman! Learn the fundamentals of drafting and reviewing various transactional documents or contracts. Be mindful on how to write clearly so that the substance of the transaction - the rights, duties, and expectations are not open to interpretation.

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Image for the article named Communication


“Communication works for those who work at it.” To effectively communicate, we must all realize that talking and listening are two sides of the same coin, in personal relationships as well as B2B and B2C exchanges. Strengthen your communication muscle by learning methods such as ESPERE, NLP, Transactional Analysis. 

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Image for the article named Carrying out specific operations for the arrival and departure of guests

Carrying out specific operations for the arrival and departure of guests

From the sales department to the frontline employee, you can win or lose a customer. Learn how to enhance your guest life cycle by making sure every touchpoint between your business and the guest will be expertly coordinated so that the experience feels seamless and personally relevant at all times. 

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Image for the article named People management

People management

What drives the competitive advantage of any business, in particular in the service industry? You may know it, but you still need to acknowledge it through compelling evidence: People. It is people who are at the core of the service-profit value chain. In the context of a war for talent, people management is a critical key to a company’s profit. 

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Image for the article named Cost controlling

Cost controlling

Ask yourself what is the basic formula of profit.

The answer is simple; Revenue minus costs = Profit.

There is no other magic formula in whatever business you could be.

Meaning to increase profit, you can either play on revenue or play on costs.

Play directly on costs or if you prefer cut directly costs is much easier and faster.

However, at long run is it beneficial?

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Image for the article named Wine knowledge & Beverage Management

Wine knowledge & Beverage Management

Do you want to increase your expertise in applied beverage strategies?  Join this Module that aims at providing participants with the necessary tools to improve beverage purchasing practices for a higher return on investment.  

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Image for the article named Real Estate Finance & Valuation

Real Estate Finance & Valuation

What is your hospitality business worth? Do you know how to go about estimating the value of your business? 

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Image for the article named Food & Beverage - Value Creation

Food & Beverage - Value Creation

Value adding is a key driver in today‘s hospitality and restaurant business. Besides satisfying customers and having happy employees, a hotel manager must add value to the bottom line of its operation. The owners expect a return on investment and a certain level of profitability and this can only be achieved if managers know how to monitor their operations and control costs. Managers must be experts and acrobats in taking financial decisions, very often with only limited information and resources, and still be able to forecast the consequences of their choices. Mastering figures will give managers the competitive advantage and will put them in a position to influence the bottom line of their operations.

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Image for the article named Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Revenue Management (RM) is about a different way of managing business based on a very old idea. Every seller in human history has faced RM-type decisions. What price to ask? Which offers to accept? When to offer a lower price? And when to simply “pack up one’s tent” as it were and try selling at a later point in time, or in a different market?

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Image for the article named Finance for non-financial managers

Finance for non-financial managers

In today's highly competitive world, creating value is a key success factor. But in order for this to happen, it is vital that managers understand where to find the information that will allow them to assess if they are creating value (or not), and how their day-to-day decisions will have an impact on it. 

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Image for the article named Asset Management

Asset Management

In the current economic climate, maximizing the use and value of the available resources is essential for improving return on investment and meeting business objectives. This highly interactive programme introduces techniques to improve asset management in the hospitality industry and provides the delegates with an opportunity to develop their understanding of current asset management issues and the requirement to meet investors’ objectives. This programme requires a prior understanding of financial statement and accounting concepts.

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Image for the article named Creating Value In Hospitality. Defining Business Strategies

Creating Value In Hospitality. Defining Business Strategies

Today’s highly competitive environments demand that managers think ahead and develop plans to manage evolving challenges. This process of thinking ahead and developing responses to the future environment is the essence of strategic behavior. All businesses develop plans to manage the future but the plans are often informal, unstructured, or sporadic in their application. In this module, participants will understand the importance of developing appropriate strategic plans to ensure the organization’s competitiveness and success. 

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Image for the article named Developing A Profitable & Sustainable Spa

Developing A Profitable & Sustainable Spa

A well planned spa must be based on a well thought out strategic concept. What are the next steps to ensure profitable spa operation? What do we mean by sustainability? Detailed feasibility study. Investment, price structures and return on investment must be calculated.– A Marketing clear strategy must be established. Design, Technical Planning and Equipment. A consistent style must appeal to guests and be reflected in the detailed interior planning and architecture. The main workflows and suitable materials to be used in treatment rooms, wet areas, and pool areas must be established. What state of the art equipment is available and how can this be integrated. 

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Image for the article named Hospitality Project Development & Innovation

Hospitality Project Development & Innovation

The module aims to provide the participants with the experience of the developing a concept, the key terms linked to innovation and creativity and the process of managing projects in hospitality. Project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific one-time objective, for example, construct a hotel or implement a major new F&B system. 

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Image for the article named Buying A Hotel Investment

Buying A Hotel Investment

Owners, Operators, Lenders and Consultants tend to scrutinise the investment decision according to their own constituent criteria rather than look at the totality of the whole project and other ownership priorities. So what if the shareholder level of return is not commercial against 10 year norms? Does a brand automatically deliver enhanced value? What if hotel occupancy is forecasted to be no more than 60% after a 2 year trading build up? Should a uniform debt service cover ratio determine the gearing for all types of hotels? How subjective is the professional valuation process? 

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Image for the article named Profit Optimisation For Function Spaces & Spa

Profit Optimisation For Function Spaces & Spa

For over twenty years Revenue Management has been practiced in the lodging business and with the increasing realisation of the financial and operational benefits the extension of practices into other departments is imminent. Be at the forefront of exploring the possibilities and extending the concept of revenue management into other revenue generating departments. 

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Image for the article named Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Differences are inevitable in an organisation having members with different experiences, attitudes and expectations. However, some conflicts can support organizational goals. Indeed, too little conflict may lead to apathy, lack of creativity, indecision and missed-out deadlines. Clashes of ideas about tasks also help in choosing better tasks and projects. These are ‗functional conflicts‘. The most difficult conflicts are those arising out of value differences. The key issue is to understand the real cause of the differences. 

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Image for the article named Strategic and Digital Marketing

Strategic and Digital Marketing

The Module will touch on how to make better use of the various channels of distribution so as to increase the revenue and profit potential from such sources.  We will use real world case studies to look at how the marketing has evolved over the years and how hotel companies have responded.  We will relate strategic marketing to today’s science of pricing (i.e. synchronicity of rates), revenue management (seamless availability of inventory), available opportunities to target and sell to individuals rather than masses, and the connection with the objectives of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  We will stimulate an environment of open discussion (interactive) where traditional views and paradigms can be challenged and where optimization of distribution is the name of the game.

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